Interview with Jasmine Harrison (Rudderly Mad)

by | Mar 26, 2021

We recently had the privilege to interview the new world record holder, Jasmine Harrison who is now the youngest female to row the Atlantic Ocean solo in her boat Argo, which is currently in a shipping container on its journey back from Antigua courtesy of Perform Logistics.

We’re sure some of the questions below were repetitive for Jasmine, as she must of had hundreds of questions thrown at her since she completed the event, and we tried not to ask too many! We went around the office, and asked our team what sort of things they’d like to know if they had the chance to ask Jasmine.

We tried to avoid the really obvious ones like “Did you see any sharks?”.

The first one is probably the most asked question.. but let’s jump into it!

Why, Who or What inspired you to take part in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge?

I was in Antigua as a stop off whilst sailing in the Caribbean and saw a TWAC 2017 team cross the finish line. I decided I wanted to do it then!


Now you’ve completed it and become the youngest ever female soloist to do so – would you do it again or have you got another challenge in mind?

Yes, I would do it again, but it’s such an awesome challenge that I want other people to experience it too. Yes, I’ve got other challenges in mind but no spoilers yet!


For the fitness buffs! – how long did you train for the event and did you just row or did you use other training methods/regimes as well?

I started specific land-training in Jan 2020, not much erg rowing at all, lots of strength and conditioning work in the gym, plus I kept up my own cardio with swimming and cycling. Also 120 hours rowing Argo out of Hartlepool over the summer.


Did you ever have any moments in the 70 days where you thought you might not complete the journey or wanted to give up or did you remain positive throughout?

No, despite some times being really tough I knew I was going to complete it, besides the fastest way to get to Antigua once I’d set off was to keep on rowing.


What motivated you to keep going?

The idea that everyday would bring something new for me

Who was more relieved when you reached dry land in Antigua and completed your epic achievement – you or your Mum!?

I think friends and family were probably more relieved than me, up until the last few days I’d have happily spent longer on the water, but then once the finish line was in sight it felt right to finish at that point.

We know you had chocolate to keep you going but what other food/drink did you most dream about and look forward to having?

Anything cold, particularly dairy like cheese, milk and also meat and bread!

Which charities would you like us to mention and how can our readers donate?

I’ve been raising money for ShelterBox and The Blue Marine Foundation. Readers can donate via this link

And finally, we have to ask, were you happy with the logistics services you received from Perform Logistics?

Yes, so far! (awaiting Argo’s arrival back in UK)

…… And finally, finally….. Did you see any sharks!? 😊

Yes, but they were kind to me and Argo.