Special Projects

Journeys start and finish, getting things from A-B is key but we believe it’s the elements in between that make the real difference.

We go above and beyond SPECIAL PROJECTS

Freight solutions

We have been on some pretty strange journeys too; Perform Special Projects has experienced it all.

We have managed pop-up events on the Grand Prix Circuit, Atlantic Rowing Races from Canary Islands to Antigua, Roadshows across the UK, Satellite events on the beach in Barcelona, World Cup Rugby Match Day Pop up Scrum machines! The list goes on.

Safe to say that whatever your special projects and experiential events involve, we have the expertise, experience and resources to take care of your requirements.

We go the extra mile.

Ice Experience-Fenty Roadshow

“From start to finish the team at Perform covered every single detail in what was a complex project which meant I could relax in the knowledge everything was happening where and when required”

Tony Crafford, Director at Ice Experience.

Talisker Whiskey Challenge

Our event is a logistical challenge making sure the boats arrive on time are ready for the race and then get back to the UK. I can depend on Perform to make this happen without any worries

Event Director Talisker Whiskey Challenge

MicroGaming Poker Tournament

Poker tournament onboard the Sunborn Yacht Hotel during Ice London

Talisker Bar - La Gomera, Canary Islands

Talisker Bar – La Gomera, Canary Islands